Muscle & Wing Mix – 200g

Muscle & Wing Mix


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This extremely effective combination of antibiotics, immune stimulants and herbals act synergistically to be highly effective against Streptococcus Bovis, the cause of Muscle and Wing Disease in pigeons.  It contains high dose Amoxycillin that is the most effective, fastest acting and safe antibiotic against Streptococcus.  By combining this with Neomycin it assures the most effective treatment against Muscle & Wing disease as well as other intestinal diseases such as Necrotic Enterites and E. coli.


Directions for use:

Mix 5g with 50ml of clean water. Mix thoroughly until no lumps remain. It will form a gel. Mix gel with 1kg of pigeon food, leave to dry and feed then. Treat for 7 consecutive days, morning and evening.

Critically ill pigeons that are not eating: Mix 50ml of the gel as above. Keep this gel in fridge (may be kept for 7 days). Dose 1ml per pigeon directly into crop 2x per day for 7 days or until pigeon is eating again.


Recommended use:

Use according to instructions for 7 days continuously during outbreak of the above diseases.  May also be used effectively mid racing season when pigeons start losing form as result of sub-clinical Muscle and Wing fatigue syndrome.  Sick pigeons that are not eating may be dosed directly into the crop.



40% Ultra-pure Amoxycillin Trihydrate, Neomycin Sulphate, Immune stimulants and herbals