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Breeding performance is measured by the libido and fertility of the stock birds. The quality of the eggs and the maintenance of health and vigour of stock birds during the breeding season as well as the growth and the health of babies raised also determine the overall breeding performance.

Libido & Fertility of Stock Birds:
Over and above the hormonal status of the stock birds the nutrition plays a determining role in the libido and fertility of stock pigeons. Certain vitamins, minerals and race elements are depleted faster during the breeding season and need to be supplied in higher amounts that in the off season. Newer research has also proven that certain anti-oxidants and specific herbs will stimulate the production of sperm and healthy egg cells. Iodine is crucial in the hormonal balance of pigeons and need to be supplied as the Iodine AAC salt that is safe and available for absorption.

Quality of eggs and maintenance of health and vigour:
The calcium metabolism of stock hens is a highly complex metabolic function and needs very specific supplementation to ensure optimal egg shell quality and fertility. The newest research that has proven that pigeons need different calcium salts and specifically high quality metabolically available salts must be taken into account when formulating a Calcium supplement for the breeding season. The addition of the correct Co-factors in the correct amounts is paramount. Specific supplementation of certain key elements as well as high quality proteins found in Colostrum and Whey will ensure excellent immune systems and ensure Crop ilk of high quality and antibodies. The specific Whey proteins will ensure that stock birds’ body mass is retained during the stressful period of raising babies.

The growth and health of babies:
The growth and health of babies is determined firstly by the egg quality and then by the quality of colostrum that they receive from the crop milk of stock birds. Stock birds need to be free from disease during the breeding season and need to by fully vaccinated. Against Paramyxovirus and Paratyphoid. Babies need a supplement that will ensure that they grow up to have strong bones, great feather quality and healthy muscles, joints and tendons. To achieve this the supplement must contain the correct Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals, trace elements and immune stimulants.
The addition of high Whey protein and Colostrums will ensure optimal growth and immunity.

The ideal breeding supplement:
Recently a new total breeding supplement has been launched that takes into account all of the above. If this is combined with a specific breeding season vitamin supplement and an excellent probiotic immune stimulant combination the breeding season performance will be optimal.

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