Category: Necrotic Enterites

Necrotic Enterites is a bacterial disease caused by Clostridium Perfringens. Clostridium is always present in small numbers in all pigeons’ intestine. Under certain specific conditions it starts overgrowing and causes a production of a specific toxin that initially only causes inflammation in the intestines. This initial inflammation may progress to bacteria adhering in large numbers to the intestinal cells and causing death of these cells. If left untreated portions of the intestines will develop deep ulcers and may even perforate causing emaciation and death.

Once the Clostridium organisms start overgrowing, they excrete a toxin and the initial symptom of Necrotic Enterites is an acute loss of appetite. Pigeons start drinking excessive amounts of water. And develop green grey stinking enteritis. The toxins paralyze the crop and intestines and although pigeons drink a lot the water remains in the crop and pigeons dehydrate quickly. Pigeons loose weight overnight and die acutely within 2 – 4 days from symptoms being noticed. The disease is more often seen in adult pigeons and may often start in the breeding loft.

High dose treatment with Amoxycillin Trihydrate is the treatment of choice. Other antibiotic treatments may often worsen the progression of the disease. Treatment has to be extended for at least seven days and combining the treatment with pigeon specific intestinal immune stimulants, pre- and pro-biotics is beneficial.

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