Category: Candidiasis (Thrush)

Candidiasis is caused by a yeast called Candida Albicans.

Candidiasis was seen in the past only as an opportunistic infection after treatment with antibiotics or when pigeons had a serious immune deficiency. Lately the organism has become more virulent and may cause primary infections without any predisposing factors other than stress being prevalent. Although it will seldom cause the typical inflammation with slime accumulation in the back of the throat pigeons will often be seen trying to swallow their food with the necks outstretched. It causes a mild to severe inflammation of the crop lining. This will result in slow emptying of the crop with food often still found in the crop in the morning. Sub-clinical infections will cause no visible signs other than mild appetite loss and a noticeable loss in racing performance.

A crop smear is stained with a special stain and examined under the microscope. Large numbers of typical blue budding oblong Candida organisms are seen in profusion.

In the past the only effective and safe treatment and prevention of Candida in pigeons use to be Nystatin containing drugs. However severe resistance against Nystatin has developed and drugs containing Nystatin is often no longer effective in the treatment and prevention of Candida. An incredible new natural treatment bases on the combination of five well researched natural Candida suppressive agents has been proven to cure and prevent Candidiasis in cases where Nystatin and other drugs have failed.

Replace all plastic water and food bowls with glass or high-quality stainless steel. Prevent overmedication with broad spectrum antibiotics and chlorine containing disinfectants. Regular supplementation with a pre-and probiotic supplement that preferably also contains Apple Cider vinegar and Grape Fruit Seed extract will reduce the incidence of Candida. In refractive cases of repetitive Candida infections, the preventative use of the new Natural Candida product twice a week may be considered.

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