Category: Orniplasmosis

Orniplasmosis is a new disease syndrome caused by a combined infection with Ornithosis (Chlamydia) and Mycoplasmosis.

Mild to severe upper respiratory symptoms with regular sneezing, rubbing of the eyes and swelling of the eye membranes is seen. Upper respiratory symptoms may evolve to full blown bronchitis with typical rales or even pneumonia with difficult breathing and death. Severe loss of racing performance is typical. Treatment of this syndrome is often only mildly effective and temporary.

Specialised laboratory tests are the only way to confirm this syndrome. Clinical symptoms that is unresponsive to treatment is highly indicative of this syndrome.

Orniplasmosis is notoriously difficult to treat. Combination antibiotic treatment with Doxycycline (Chlamydia) and Spiramycin (Mycoplasmosis) is recommended. The combination should be used for 7 days and then treatment with Doxycycline alone must be continued for 14 days more. It is imperative that all the pigeons in the loft be treated. Pigeons with clinical symptoms should be isolated and also be treated with a combination Doxycycline and Spiramycin tablet once per day for the first 7 days.

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