Entromune – 400g


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Entromune is the ultimate weapon in the prevention of Young Bird disease, Salmonella, E. coli and Mycotoxins in pigeons.  Currently no other single pigeon product in the world contains the amazing blend of natural elements that Entromune contains.  It combines six natural elements to make it the most effective immune stimulant, intestinal protector and anti-oxidant available today.  Ultra-pure Beta-glucan combines with Grape seed extract and Garlic combine synergistically as the ultimate immune stimulant.  Pro-biotics specifically blended for avian use combined with Pre-biotics (FOS & MOS) ensure the maximal growth of good bacteria in pigeons’ intestine thereby reducing the risk of Salmonella and E. coli.  The addition of toxin binding natural salts reduces the absorption of mycotoxins and heavy metal poisoning often found in pigeon food and polluted water.


Directions for use:

During racing & breeding season: Add 5g to 1kg of food 3 times a week.

During outbreak of disease: Add 5g to 1kg of food for 7 days continuously. Combines well with antibiotic treatment.

Youngsters: Add 5g to 1kg of food 3 times a week. It is recommended that babies be treated for 5 days continuously every 4 weeks.


Recommended use:

Add Entromune to pigeons’ food routinely as per the Aviomed racing programme.  By adding the amazing product to breeding pigeons and babies’ food the pigeon fancier is assured of raising the healthiest babies for the next racing season.



Ultra-pure Beta 1:3D Glucan, Grape seed extract, Stabilized garlic powder, Avian adapted Pro-biotics, Pre-biotics (FOS & MOS), Toxin binding natural salts.