Avertex – 100 tablets



Available Size:

100 tablets



Based on the well-known Coccidia tablet from Europe that contained Clazaril 2.5mg, Avertex is an improved double strength tablet that contains the newer Diclazuril active ingredient.  Diclazuril is one of the most effective and safe treatments against Coccidiosis.  This product is completely safe and does not cause any burn of feathers so it is ideal for weaning youngsters.  Avertex tablets are mild on the pigeon’s system and will not cause vomiting or a loss of racing performance.  It is a small easy to dose single tablet treatment for Coccidiosis and is ideal to alternate with AvioCox and Coxiworm.


Directions for use:

Treatment: Dose one tablet per pigeon. Repeat after 10 days.

Prevention: Dose one tablet per pigeon once every two months.

Treatment of babies: Dose one tablet per youngster on day of weaning.


Recommended use:

Dose 1 Avertex tablet per pigeon every 12 weeks during the racing season.  Alternate use with AvioCox and Coxiworm.  May be used to treat babies preventatively against Coccidiosis during the raising period.



Diclazuril 5mg