Ekto/Endo+ – 100 tabs

Avio – Ekto/ Endo+


Available Size:

100 Tabs



This product is a world breakthrough and is the first of its kind to be specifically developer for pigeons.  So far, there is no equivalent available for pigeons worldwide.  It combines two of the safest and most effective products available (Ivermectin and Praziquantel) for the treatment of worms in pigeons.  Ivermectin is the most effective treatment for resistant Hairworm infestation and one of the few products that is effective against Lungworm and nasal mites.  Ivermectin has the added benefit that it will also control blood sucking lice such as the red mite.  Praziquantel is well known to be the safest and by far the most effective product for the treatment of Tapeworm in pigeons.  Ekto/ Endo+ contains 50% more Praziquantel that other pigeon products. Now the simple dosing of one small tablet will eradicate all worms and most ectoparasites.  Ekto/ Endo+ tablets are mild on the pigeon system and will not cause excessive vomiting.  Alternate with AvioWorm.


Directions for use:

Dose 1 ekto/endo+ tablet on an empty crop dose 1 tablet per pegeon every 3 months


Recommended use:

Dose 1 Ekto/ Endo+ tablet per pigeon every 12 weeks.  Alternate with AvioWorm powder.



Ivermectin 0.1mg

Praziquantel 7.5mg