Worm powder – 100g


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AvioWorm powder is an extremely safe and effective combination of Pyrantel Pamoate and Praziquantel in a special powder form.  The two active ingredients combine very well to ensure maximum effectiveness against the three most common pigeon worms (Roundworm, Hairworm and Tapeworm). The product is completely safe and does not cause any “burn” of the feathers so it may even be used during the breeding season.  It has an extremely mild effect on the pigeon and will not cause any vomiting or loss of racing performance.  It is supplied in a special powder that adheres easily to grain when mixed with water making it easy to medicate pigeons without having to catch them.


Directions for use:

Add 100g (the entire contents of container) to 400ml of lukewarm water and mix very well to form an even suspension. 

Mix the prepared suspension evenly with 2kg of pigeon or bird food (seed). 

Enough medicated food should be prepared in the morning and in the evening to ensure that medicated food is available for the full day. 

It is recommended that treatment be repeated in 14 days when heavy infestation is experienced

*This 100g container is adequate to treat 40 pigeons.


Recommended use:

Mix the recommended amount of powder with water according to instructions and mix well with the needed amount of food.  Feed medicated food and make sure that pigeons consume all the food supplied.  Medicate every 12 weeks and alternate use with Ekto/ Endo+ tablets.



Pyrantel Pamoate 1% m/m

Praziquantel 0.2% m/m

In a special adherent base qs 100% m/m