Aflotoxicosis and Mycotoxins

(grain contamination and poisoning of insecticides and other toxins)

AvioAntitox is the first ever pigeon specific Antitox developed to treat poisoning of pigeons with insecticides or other toxins. It is also highly effective in treating the symptoms of Aflotoxicosis and other mycotoxins found in contaminated grain. The nutraceutical combination found in this amazing product will also chelate heavy metal poisoning found in contaminated drinking water or grains. Apart from the direct toxin eliminating effects this incredible range of Nutraceutical substances also stimulates the liver to detoxify the blood and even stimulates liver cell regeneration.  AvioAntitox is also one of the few products that has a kidney stimulating effect to enable the kidneys to best excrete the metabolized toxins. No other product can compare in the treatment of poisonings in pigeons. Contains the incredible Aviomed food adherent gel to ensure optimal covering of grain with the product.

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