Depuritive Tea – 300g


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Avio – Depuritive Tea has been formulated and developed taking into account science-based evidence principles. Each of the herbal ingredients included in this exceptional product acts as a mild purgative and liver support. Removes toxins and lactic acid accumulation. Improves recuperation after the race. Cleanses the blood. 


Directions for use:

Boil 1 litre of clean water ad 1 heaped spoon of Avio-Tea. Stir the mixture well and leave to draw for 15min.

Supply Avio-Depuritive-Tea as the only drinking water for the full day on the day of return form the races. 

In case of over night races Avio-Depurative Tea may be supplied for the next day as well after return. 

It is recommenced to combine Avio-Depuritive tea with Avio-Lectrolyte on the day of return from races. 

Avio- Depurative tea may be combined with any other Aviomed product. 



Aniseed, Buchu, Dandelion, Deadnettle, Elderberry, Mallow, Marigold, Nettle, Mint, Rhubarb, Sutherlandia (Karoo Bush), Thyme, Wormwood, Yarrow, Sage, Meadow.