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Doping does it work?
For as long as fanciers have been racing pigeons, they have been trying to improve the racing ability with the addition of doping drugs.
Whilst some of these drugs that are used in the horse racing industry may have shown some promise, they invariably fail due to the fact that the pigeon usually only starts the race by the time that these drugs have been excreted by the body. This often makes pigeons more lethargic during the race as the stimulant effect would have already worn off. These doping agents often also have severe side effects and, in some cases, may even be responsible for the death or loss of champion pigeons. Doping tests are also becoming more popular in our sport preventing fanciers from using these ineffective and dangerous drugs.

Natural performance enhancers
In contrast to the doping drugs the natural performance enhancers are safe, not illegal and they work! It is thus much better for pigeon fanciers to use these natural aids to increase their pigeons’ performance to the maximum level that is physiologically possible for them. It is important that fanciers use products made specifically for pigeons as these take into account the correct levels and composition needed specifically by pigeons.

Well researched performance enhancers
Vitamin B12 and other B Vitamins (mega doses)
L-Carnitine (when fed with high fat diet)
Vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid or DMG)
Coenzyme Q10
Thioctic Acid (Alpha lipoic Acid)
Possible performance enhancers not considered as doping:
Calcium HMB, Primaquin, Metronidazole, La-Sota vaccine

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