Aviostatin – 100g

Available Size:



As an aid in the prevention and treatment of Candidiasis

Directions for use:

Pigeons: Add 5g in 1kg of pigeon food for 5-7days. Mix pigeon food with Aviogel to allow Aviostatin to adhere to food.
Avian: Add 5g in 500g of soft food for 5-7days

Hand-Reared Chicks:

Prevention: Add 5g in 200g soft food for as long as symptoms prevail.
Treatment: Add 1g in 20ml water, shake well and dose 1ml per 100g bodyweight twice daily.

• Store in a cool dry place • Keep container tightly closed • Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons • Do not use in pigeons intended for human consumption


Nystatin 400 000 IU per gram